Stock Footage Nightmares

by Scott Simmons on May 24, 2012

Gawker called this Getty clip “the funniest and creepiest stock video of all time” … but I think it’s even better when accompanied by a few of my favorite musical cues:

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Happy Holidays!

by Scott Simmons on April 30, 2012

There are several reasons why I haven’t had time to update this blog lately and this is one of them…

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The Artist vs The Devil

by Scott Simmons on February 24, 2012

The Artist has scored almost universal praise from critics and is the likely front-runner for winning Best Picture of the year during the Oscars Sunday night.

It has grossed 28 million dollars in 3 months.

The Devil Inside has scored almost universal pans from critics and is the likely front-runner for one of the year’s worst movies.

It grossed 33.7 million dollars in just 3 days… and has reached 53 million dollars since January.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that box office and popularity matters more than quality and creative risk…especially when it’s something like The Artist, which I greatly enjoyed.

But which movie has had a more profound impact on American cinema? Which movie will likely continue to gross more money on video and other markets? Which movie generated much more conversation and engagement? Which one will people still be talking about in a few years?

Just sayin’

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Night Stalker? Really?

by Scott Simmons on February 22, 2012

Deadline is reporting that Disney is working on a remake of The Night Stalker, the cheesy horror tv show from the 70′s about a tabloid reporter on the prowl for vampires, werewolves, zombies, and aliens – directed by Edgar Wright and starring Johnny Depp.

Here’s the thing. I’m a HUGE fan of Wright and I think that Depp, when partnered with a strong director, is still one of the most talented actors working today.  When left alone or unchallenged? Well…..

Depp’s upcoming movies will now include Dark Shadows, The Lone Ranger, and then Night Stalker. 

I’m just sayin’

I can only imagine that he’s also hoping to secure rights to HR PuffnStuff, Fantasy Island, and Shazam! Or maybe a remake of the Gargoyles tv movie with Bernie Casey?

Johnny Depp is now like a middle-aged nerd at a comic book convention, but instead of dressing up in costume and buying collectibles he has the power and the $$ to create the most expensive “fan films” of all time.

Yes, I’m sure I’ll pay $ to see this thing because I have absolute confidence in Edgar Wright…but I’d be much more excited to hear that Wright and Depp were working on a modern and contemporary horror/comedy hybrid that was based on an original script.

And … Night Stalker? Really? Has Hollywood learned nothing from the failures of Land of The Lost, The A-Team, and Mars Attacks? The failed tv reboots of Charlie’s Angels, Bionic Woman, Love Boat, and Fantasy Island?   I think time has regularly shown that a fringe fanbase who appreciates a form of entertainment with a sense of irony mixed with nostalgia RARELY translates into anything that contemporary audiences will support.

Again, I hope I’m wrong because I hate to slag on these guys. Still…just… Night Stalker? C’mon!

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The ABC’s of cinema

by Scott Simmons on February 18, 2012

How many movie titles can you name?

ABCinema from Evan Seitz on Vimeo.

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